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High Speed: up to 100V/µsec




− Piezo

− ER Fluids

− Mirror Deflection / Deforming

− Electrophoresis

− Ion Beam Deflection

− Electro Optics


− Mass Spectrometry

− High Voltage Testing






Stand alone  (Modular Case)













Plug In for Mainframe Systems (3U Cassette)
























Control Input: ±10(10V ≙ max. output voltage), differential

Monitor Output [V]:   ±10V (10V ≙ max. output voltage)

Monitor Output [I]:    ±10V

Input Connector:       SMB, D-Sub

Output Connector:    SHV

Supply Voltage:         24Vdc ±10% / <1.6A at
                                 maximum output power

Dimensions:              Modular Case: ca. 105 x 59 x 230mm³

Cassette:                  3U x 16HP x ca. 230mm

Ambient Temperature:  -20 … +50°C

Safety:                      EN61010-1, CE


Model HA51U-6P2: status PRELIMINARY






The HA51U series is a family of single channel, bipolar, unipolar and unsymmetrical high voltage amplifiers. They feature high speed, high precision and high stability as well as very low ripple and noise. They are designed to drive capacitive and resistive loads. High peak output current facilitates easy driving of capacitive loads.

Each amplifier of the HA51U series is equipped with voltage and current monitor outputs, a TTL-compatible INHIBIT input and further monitoring outputs. The output stage is fed by internal high voltage sources. The amplifier output is protected against overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage, overtemperature and high voltage flashover.

A safety interlock feature is provided to integrate the unit into a safety circuit.

An isolated USB interface is provided to control the amplifier by means of a simple command interface (setting of the output voltage, monitoring of output voltage, current, temperature and further operational parameters, configuring the amplifier).

Alternatively, the internal microcontroller can be used to run the user's own application code. This can be simple arbitrary waveform generation or direct control of the output voltage via USB.

More complex applications are possible too. General Purpose I/O lines and a separate analog input are provided to connect additional components to the amplifier that can be controlled.

Programming of the controller is possible e.g. by means of the free Arduino IDE.

The amplifiers are available in a robust modular metal case or as 3U cassette versions. The modular units can be used as a table-top device or built into an appliance.

Up to four 3U cassette version units can be plugged into a 19" subrack – see HAR-51-4M.


Hochvoltverstärker bis 6000V


±500V (1000Vpp) to ±3000V (6000Vpp)

− Bipolar, Unipolar and Unsymmetrical

− High Precision, High Speed

− Fully User Programmable:

   Compatible with Arduino IDE

− Modular / 3U Cassette

− Arbitrary Signal Generation

− Control – Feedback Applications


Slew rate and bandwidth measured at CL = 100pF

Full power bandwidth: 1% distortion

Small signal bandwidth: -3dB

Mainframe System HAR-51-4M


The HAR-51-4M is a 19“/3U subrack for up to 4 high voltage amplifier modules HA51...-3. It features internal power supplies, cooling fans, a common Interlock input for all channels and a HV OFF button.

Customized and full custom models are available on request.



































Supply Voltage:               100V … 240VAC   ±10%  50/60Hz

Input Current:                 1,9ARMS at VLine =115VAC, nominal load

                                       0,95ARMS at VLine =230VAC, nominal load

Line Fuses F1, F2:         T6.3A, 250V, IEC127-2/V

External Fuse:                16A

Protection Class:             I

Dimensions (d x w x h):  376 x 447 x 140mm³  (housing)

419 x 482 x 140mm³      (overall, witout cable)

Weight:                           ca. 5.1kg without amplifier modules





Electrostatic deflection

HV Voltage Reference


Ion guidance

Mainframe HAR2











The HAR2 is a mainframe to be equipped with 1 or 2 high precision high voltage amplifier modules HA05B2 (3U high, 6HP wide plug-in modules). The channels provide output voltages in the range of –500V to +500V at load current of ±2mA each. The following refers to a HAR2 mainframe equipped with HA05B2 HV amplifier modules.

The output voltage is controlled by a control voltage or set by a 10‑turn potentiometer. The control voltage ranges from –10V to +10V, the gain is 50.

Monitor outputs for voltage and current are provided on each channel.

Furthermore, each channel is equipped with a fast inhibit input effectively clamping the output voltage to 0V.

The amplifier channels feature high precision, very high stability and low noise, thereby making the HAR2 well suited even for voltage reference applications.

Both the output voltage and the load current of a selected channel can be displayed simultaneously on two 4-digit LED displays.

All amplifier outputs are protected against overload, short circuit and transient overvoltage.

High-Speed versions up to 15kHz bandwidth / 50V/µs slew rate are available on request.

The HAR2 is available as a table-top model (HAR2) or a wall mountable model (HAR2-W).




2 Channels

Output ±500V

High Precision

High Stability

Low Noise

Remote On / Off

Monitor Outputs

Displays for Output Voltage and Current




Output Voltage: -500V to +500V

Load Current: -2mA to +2mA

Gain: 50 ±0.2%

Temperature Coefficient: 5ppm/K (typ.)

Stability: <±100ppm

Load Regulation: <100ppm (no load / full load)

Ripple / Noise: 10mVPP / 1mVRMS

Digital Panel Meters: 4-digit red LED displays  [*]

Voltage Monitor: -10 … +10V / -500V … +500V ±0.2%

Current Monitor: -10 … +10V / -2mA … +2mA ±0.2%

Inhibit Response Time: Amplifier On->Off:  <10µs

Amplifier Off->On:  ca. 2.5ms

Power Bandwidth: >500Hz

Slew Rate: >2V/µs

Supply Voltage: 22.8V … 25.2VDC ,  0.6ADC @24VDC  [*]

Operating Temperature: 0°C … +40°C  [*]

Dimensions HAR2 (WxHxD): 141 x 139 x 264mm3  [*]


Dimensions HAR2-W (WxHxD): 177 x 134 x 264mm3  [*]

Weight: 1.9kg  [*]


[*] refers to the mainframe, all other data refers to HA05B2 modules




Parameter Conditions

Mains voltage 95 … 265Vac

Mains frequency 47 … 63Hz

Input current VLine=115Vac, full load 1.0 ARMS

Input current VLine=230Vac, full load 0.5 ARMS

Mains fuses F1, F2 IEC127-2/V, slow, 3.15A,


Protection class I


Parameter Conditions

Supply voltage 22.8V … 25.2 Vdc

Input current VIN=24Vdc, full load 0.6 Adc



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