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Our professional service forms the basis

In addition to innovative ideas and their reliable and consistent implementation, qualified advice and comprehensive service is our top priority. Together with you we develop specific solutions for your individual task. In order to perfect the practical functions of our systems and their effects for your application, we are happy to provide you with suitable test equipment.




Experience and flexibility that set standards

With our many years of experience, we have developed and established ROHRER®, HERO®, HERO®power, ARCUS®, HERO-LINK® and RASMUS® as proven brands. Qualified standard programs have been optimized for task-oriented solutions, so that we can offer you flexible solutions depending on technical specifications and economic conditions.


HERO®power has matured from this environment of precision measurement technology into a pioneering brand. Thanks to our convincing concepts, which are exactly adapted to the requirements, we have won international tenders for such important projects as COSY or Bessy II, won the contract.


If linearly controlled 4-quadrant power amplifiers and power supplies are concerned with extreme requirements with regard to stability, ripple, exact zero crossings, high dynamics and arbitrary transfer functions, HERO®power is one of the first addresses.

We achieved a stability of 0.001% at currents of 180 A in both voltage and current mode. Areas of application of such high requirements are e.g. B. Magnetic field compensation for particle accelerators, calibration tasks on large transformers and for magnetic fields, residual current circuit breakers, calibration of current and voltage transformers.




Rent now instead of buying!

The clever alternative:

  • no risk
  • 80% of the rental fees paid are deducted from the purchase price


The choice is yours!




Project partnership

for measurement and test systems from signal generation to analysis

  • Vehicle electrical systems  Wiring Systems
  • Single and multi-phase network simulation
  • Power electronics calibration tasks (high current transformers)


Please contact us, we will find the right solution for your specific task!





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