Aviation & Aerospace

Linear 4-Quadrant Regulated Amplifiers

For the aerospace industry our HERO®power for Piezos is particularly interesting.

Examinations by shaking and shocks, for example:

— of rotor blades ( KARI,  Aerodepart ... University of Maryland...Washington-Boing )

— of helicopter power trains ( EADS )

— Compensation of the explosion shock during the separation of the launcher ( Astrium )

— Tests in the wind tunnel ( NASA )

Aviation & Aerospace



1000V high-voltage piezo amplifier

Development of payload stabilization systems
for space ( ASTRIUM )


3 switchable ranges: B1 / B2 / B3

B1:   +300V / -10V;  ±50A ;  DC—5kHz …3db

B2:   +600V / -10V;  ±25A ;  DC—5kHz …3db

B3:   +1000V / -10V   ±15A     DC—5kHz …3db


Power = Power dissipation, since cosφ = 0





Piezo amplifier for controlling rotor blades

(Trajectory correction of the rotor blades in the neutral zone)


Voltage and current limitation adjustable in wide ranges, for adaptation to the piezo actuators.





Precision Power Amplifier

Especially for piezo actuators

VOUT regulation

B1: +220V / -20V; ±10A / ±20A; ±100A pulse

B2: +700V / -60V; ±3 A / ±6A; ±100A pulse

Input voltage limitation continuous,
separately for + and - adjustable

Slew rate continuously adjustable in 4 ranges
from 0,04V/μs … 40V/μs;

DC-coupling: DC … 30kHz-3db for small signal;
DC … 1kHz-0,2db at rated load

Shutdown if the adjustable Cmax is exceeded limit

Potential relationships: common reference potential; Monitors floating.


Amplifier <OFF>: The output is regulated to COUT = 0A, locked and discharges the load in a controlled manner (capacitor!)


Performance, since cosφ = x



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