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4-Quadrant-Isolation Measuring Amplifier

Measurement technology—Insulation measuring amplifier


with accuracies of 0.1%, insulation test voltage of 10kV DC; frequency range: DC ... >300kHz, 400kHz typ. Medium Voltage Systems



Insulation test voltages up to ±10kV DC

Frequency range: DC ... >300kHz

Common mode rejection: at 50Hz: not measurable >>160dB

Recovery time from overdrive or saturation: < 2µsec / 2x10-6 sec

Measuring ranges: ±mV: 20 -50-100-200-500

Measuring ranges in ±V : 1-2-5-10-20-50-100-200-500-1000-5000-

Input protection: Measuring range dependent up to 1 ±5kV


applications: Measurements on medium voltage systems

Unique position: testing and studying the closing and opening behaviour
of the contacts of circuit breakers.



Insulation measuring amplifier for general laboratory tasks like:

Galvanic isolation of measuring potentials for common mode suppression,

Avoidance of potential shifts or potential carry-over.


  • Single and multi-channel systems
  • Switchable measuring ranges



Insulation measuring amplifier series TV9500

Measuring ranges ±1V / ±2V / ±5V / ±10V / bis ±1000V

Frequency range DC up to 500kHz

T303B for galvanically isolated measurements on medium voltage systems
Insulation measuring amplifiers and systems for various measuring tasks

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