High Power Sources/Loads

Additional Program

in Arbeit

in progress

up to 2MW bidirektionale
-Hochleistungsstromquelle und Senke
mit AC

up to 1200V

up to ±1500(3000App) in a single system

up to2MW in parallel mode

LAB/SLV 1: Reaktionszeit <8ms

LAB/SLV 1-BSS: Reaktionszeit <1,5ms (optional <3ms)


30kVA up to 180kVA,
programmable, bidirectional AC high power source and sink with mains recovery


EAC-4Q-GS – Programmable AC source

up to 750V - up to 192A - up to 180kVA


Output voltage and phase angle adjustable per phase

Sequence Programming for output voltage, phase angle, harmonics and output frequency

Option AC output independent output phases 3 x L-N

Option LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) supports LVRT testing of photovoltaic inverters

(test under passing through voltage dips)

Option Test procedure for measures to prevent islanding for utilities interacting with photovoltaic inverters according to EN 62116:2011 (IEC 62116:2008)

Overload capacity: 120% for 1 minute

Standard interfaces: LAN and RS485 (optionally CAN)




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