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First, I would like to thank you for the great job in fixing Rohrer Amplifier on time. I have tested the amplifier and it demonstrated an amazing performance in both Voltage-mode and current-mode. Its output THD was better than 0.05% and DC offset was less than 0.01, which is even less than the documented values in the manual.


Dr. Amr Said

Research Associate, Measurement Science and Standards

National Research Council Canada / Government of Canada

1200 Montreal Road / Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R6 / Canada



"We are very satisfied with the power amplifier. It looks good, is easy to use and our application also works as expected. High praise to you and all employees involved. .....

Thank you and greetings from Düsseldorf "

Josef K., TRW


HERO® DMS805-B-XX – symmetrical strain gauge measuring amplifier,
 DC ... 1MHz in materials research

“I would like to thank you for the prompt processing of my request. Everything is going well with the measuring amplifiers."

S. Sch., Teaching and research area materials science RWTH - Aachen


We face your challenges, e.g. 1000V / µs rise time:

"... I never doubted for a moment that you could meet our requirements".

Dr. F., PTB


Challenge ±50V / ±60A / DC … 500kHz

"... we have prepared everything for use ..."

Head of an international test center for an automotive supplier


"After we have had the best experience with the 3 existing amplifiers from your company, we would like to order a suitable amplifier for a larger H coil. The amplifier should run in current-controlled mode and we would then adapt the H coil as usual send to you. "

S.B., Contiautomotive


Even after about 20 years – HERO® isolation amplifiers work perfectly!

"With a few isolation amplifiers of the TV811A type, an offset shows (only) in the smallest measuring range. Could you please name the potentiometer with which I can carry out the offset correction?

Otherwise, these amplifiers still work perfectly. "

F. D., Rheinmetall






DIN member


Rohrer is now a member of DIN  (Deutsche Industrienorm)

Highest precision, reliability and stability characterize the measuring devices and systems produced by Rohrer GmbH in Munich. Usually, the company manufactures the measuring and system technology in single pieces or in very small quantities, designed according to the special wishes and requirements of its customers worldwide.


Download:  Rohrer Mitgliedsunternehmen.pdf   (208kB)











Certificates for the management system according to EN ISO 9001:2015



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german:  Zertifikat ISO 9001_de  (287kB)

english:  Certificate ISO 9001_en  (287kB)









Start into the Chinese market, after we already have important contacts.














About us

Rohrer Mess- & Systemtechnik


The company Rohrer Mess- & Systemtechnik develops and produces in Munich a sophisticated program of measurement devices and systems for the highest demands. We work hand in hand with our customers and suppliers to solve complex tasks.


Competitive edge through dynamism, performance and precision

We are partners of the research institutions of industry - universities - universities. We have successfully met this high standard for over 30 years. The diverse areas of application range from the automotive industry through aerospace engineering to chemistry and energy supply.


  • Established in 1975 we started with customized power supplies, symmetrical high speed strain gauge amplifiers DC to 1MHz
  • Representing MSI for high sophisticated thick– and thinfilm Chip resistors and hermetic packages
  • In 1978 we introduced our isolation amplifiers
  • 1982 first 4-Quadrant linear regulated power amplifier for
  • automotive electro-pneumatic valves for BMW
  • followed by quadrupol 4-quadrant power amplifiers with high stability 1x 10^-5  for FZ Jülich as well as for Bessy-Berlin Adlershof
  • Further stages: 4-Quadrant linear regulated power amplifier e.g. EMTest/ Schweiz – diverse EPCOS - diverse Bosch – diverse Continental – Valeo – Miele – TRW - BMW – PTB – Metas – VSL / Holland – Siemens / diverse – LEM – Röderstein – FZ Jülich – Bessy/ Berlin – KIT/ Karlruhe - TUM-excellence cluster universe – PSI / Paul-Scherrer Instutute CH – Sumida – Philipps - Bruker Physik –TU Dortmund –  Universitäten: Stuttgart – Magdeburg – Hannover – Queensland / Australien – Universität Maryland / USA – NASA – DB – SBB/ schweizer Bahn – TU Wien – Eggstone – Universität Ontario / Canada – KARE  - Bodensee Gerätewerk – Fraunhofer FEP/Dresden – TU Dresden – FZ Rossendorf – Vacuumschmelze – Audi -  Daimler – and so on




























HERO®power—a brand for outstanding requirements and unique solutions—where others resigns.


HERO®power, that is any current amplifier up to 20kA ++

Measure and control locally and remotely via a standard web browser for setup and operation.


HERO®power: Delivers 4-quadrant symmetrical / 2-quadrant asymmetrical and meets the standard requirements for the automotive industry LV124+LV148, ISO, IEC, VW, BMW, Ford, Daimler, Bosch, Continental, Schäffler and others.


HERO®power realizes tasks such as

  • battery discharge with 2000A/2ms
  • Frequency modulation 200kHz - stability 0.5% unloaded to full load at 50A++



  • ... and speed is the advantage of all HERO® amplifiers, be it strain gauge amplifiers, isolation amplifiers or power amplifiers in generator or load operation.



  • ... the reliable and proven models of HERO® power amplifiers and loads provide the power you need for your application.



  • ...refers both to the stability in the range up to 10^-6 and to the ability to interact in a measuring task. Each individual device is subjected to a careful final inspection, whereby both the static measured values are recorded and the dynamic behaviour under different load conditions is checked or recorded using a transient recorder. Both our standard systems and the customer-specific special developments meet all criteria for the highest demands. Leading research institutions worldwide, both in industry and science, appreciate our performance in quality and our ability to implement the tasks set.


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