Energy Technology

Linear 4-Quadrant Regulated Amplifiers





Energy Technology

New quality requirement taking into account the future international network connections, as well as the decentralized energy supply


Here, HERO®power is a strong partner when it comes to simulating real networks. Standardized networks only define harmonics up to the 50th harmonic.

The research deals with real and future networks: feed-in node, lightning strike, feed-in in the European network, network impedance monitoring.


Network simulation of real networks

Here, dynamic properties are required that go far beyond the standard requirements. Network dips and distortions go far beyond 2.5kHz, up to frequencies in the 100kHz range.

A special position is taken by the HERO®power PFL2250-28-UDC415-IDC375.

These tasks also place high demands on the current measuring equipment.

Here is also the connection to metrology.

The electrical quantities current and voltage, which serve to calculate the power, must be detected both as broadband and have a negligible phase shift in the lower μ-degree range between the current and voltage measurements.

In order to detect currents floating, the galvanic isolation must be broadband and stable.


Power Calibration

Metrological institutes like PTB, Metas, VDS—AIT appreciate the precision and dynamics of the HERO®power calibration sources.




Metrology – Energy Technology – PTB


Development of new 2.5kHz traceable sizes
for high voltage networks


2 power ranges: B1 and B2,
with switchable U / I mode during operation

Power ranges: 
B1: 135Veff / 70AeffB2: 270Veff / 35Aeff


DC … 15kHz-3db power bandwidth

Phase stability: 12 nano-rad


PA3160A                                                     PA3120A



Power Engineering—Power Calibration

Reference amplifier for
<loss measurements of power transformers>


 C regulated :±42A / ±210V

 VSL B.V. – Dutch Metrology Institute




Metrology – power calibration

Network size simulation, Energy Technology, Laboratory tasks


Voltage reference:  ±425V 300Vrms

Current calibration: ±1,5A       1Arms

DC...30kHz, UA


Special feature: 100 nano-rad

Phase synchronization and stability


PA 2023C & PA2023D

TUM–Test Eppsteinrahmen


TUM–Test Eppsteinrahmen


TUM–Test Eppsteinrahmen


TUM–Test Eppsteinrahmen




Applications (universal)

• Simulation of real networks

with voltage dips of 2μs

• transducer calibration e.g. 450Arms, DC ...> 100kHz

• Testing of automotive capacities

    • e.g. 50Arms / 100Vrms DC ... 100kHz

(Ceralink - Epcos), (3 PFL ... parallel)

    • eg 20Arms / 60Vrms DC ... 260kHz full load

• Testing of inductors, e.g. 800Vrms with
adaption transformer cosphi << 0,1

Power engineering + magnetic fields + all kinds



Control variable VOUT / COUT switchable

800Vss / 50Ass

DC-> 150kHz-3dB / full load


Special feature

100% power loss (>5kW)

Power increase (parallel operation)

Voltage increase (bridge circuit)

Jump function <2μs 10-90%

cosphi ±0.1 ... ±1


PFL2250-28-UDC415-IDC375 – Cooling Pannel


Metrology—Current transformer Calibration—Energy Technology


current regulated

 excellent dynamics

DC … >300kHz …3db  @  ±10A  / ±10V



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